Sunday, December 18, 2011

Arachnids Rising

Arachnids Rising - Shooter



Arachnids Rising is my ode to Gauntlet, one of my favorite games.  In Arachnids Rising I tried my hand at creating the Gauntlet frantic game play, while enhancing it with a more scary feel.  The player has limited visibility of the level and must fight their way through hordes of spiders, many with different abilities.  The action really picks up when the player finds a weapon upgrade that allows for a three shot burst.  The basic enemy in the game prevents you from shooting when it gets to you, creating a frantic feeling to the game.  Larger colored spiders each have different abilities that create interesting game play.  Red spiders will explode, Green spiders will shoot acid and leave an acid pool upon death, White spiders will shoot webs that will create a patch of ground that slows movement speed.

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