Hire Me!

Welcome prospective employers!  Currently, I am actively looking for a full time design position in the game industry.  Below is my up-to-date resume to download.


The key strengths that I possess for success as a designer:
  • Team experience as a game designer and level designer on an award winning game, and multidisciplinary team of 8 individuals (PAX 10 winners 2011, Login Conference Innovation Awards Finalists 2011).
  • Ability to prototype game ideas digitally and in physical form.
  • Experience writing C, C++, and scripting code.
  • QA testing experience on Age of Empires Online for Microsoft Game Studios.
  • Strong Command of Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Broad educational background covering topics such as: computer science, game design, graphic design, history, art history, classics, philosophy, sociology, literature, business, and art.
With a BA degree from the University of Oregon, finishing 2 years of the BS degree in Game Design at Digipen Institute of Technology, and having real design experience, both on an individual level and in a team environment, I am confident that I can fulfill an entry level designer's responsibilities.


The easiest way to contact me is through email at:  foggman15@gmail.com
or by phone: (503)449-2792