Personal Games

Listed here are all the various 2D individual gamemaker games I have made as part of my school work at Digipen.  Each of these games were built usually over the time frame of a month.  As such they are unpolished pieces.  All games were made using Gamemaker 8.  Some assets in most of the games are borrowed from gamemaker tutorials.

Project 1 - Platformer
Game - Jove's Magical Escape


My first foray into designing and making games in Gamemaker.  In Jove's Magical Escape you play the part of a gnome wizard attempting to escape from a dungeon filled with skeletons and ghosts.  The main mechanic of the game is heavily inspired by the game Trine, in that the main character has the power of telekinesis and is able to move any game object other than the solid black walls as long as it is within his blue sphere of influence.  This includes enemies, enemy projectiles, blocks, and power gems that restore mana.  Progress through the game is accomplished by moving platforms with this power, eliminating threats by dropping enemies onto spikes, throwing their fireballs back at them, or dropping blocks on their heads.

Project 2 - Top-Down Shooter
Game - Arachnids Rising


Arachnids Rising is my ode to Gauntlet, one of my favorite games.  In Arachnids Rising I tried my hand at creating the Gauntlet frantic game play, while enhancing it with a more scary feel.  The player has limited visibility of the level and must fight their way through hordes of spiders, many with different abilities.  The action really picks up when the player finds a weapon upgrade that allows for a three shot burst.  The basic enemy in the game prevents you from shooting when it gets to you, creating a frantic feeling to the game.  Larger colored spiders each have different abilities that create interesting game play.  Red spiders will explode, Green spiders will shoot acid and leave an acid pool upon death, White spiders will shoot webs that will create a patch of ground that slows movement speed.

Project 3 - Puzzle Game
Game - Booty Quest


Booty Quest was actually a last ditch effort to create an interesting puzzle game after I scrapped my initial idea of a stealth game.  The initial design concept for Booty Quest was literally thought up in one of my dreams.  The premise of the game is that you are a pirate with a limited crew to man your ship.  Thus you have no control over steering, only minor control over your speed, and a limited amount of cannon shot to combat your enemies.  The goal of the game is to strategically place whirlpool tiles on the map before you set sail which will turn your ship 90 degrees left or right depending on which tile you place.  By using these tiles you attempt to reach the treasure at the end of each level.  The final level consists of an showdown between your ship and the royal fleet.

Project 4 - RPG
Game - Neighborhood Necromancer


Neighborhood Necromancer is an action rpg experience influenced heavily by the necromancer from diablo 2.  The game creates character progression in a few different ways.  Exploring and collecting power skulls and mana potions from the map levels will increase the number of skeletons you can summon and the amount of maximum mana you have respectively.  Leveling up will grant you 2 skill points which can be spent on upgrades from the menu screen.  Generally speaking I created two upgrade groups, one group enhanced the main characters various abilities and stats, while the second group focused on enhancing the stats of your skeleton minions.  Using your horde of skeletons the player must battle his way past all manner of goody two shoes knights, archers, wizards, and rogues in order to win the game.

Project 5 - Strategy
Game - Peasantly Surprised


Sticking with the theme from the previous RPG game, I created a strategy game in which you take control of the good guys.  The object of the game is to defend helpless peasants from mindless skeletons as the peasants make their way to the town for safety.  Peasants also grant the player resources upon reaching the town which can be spent on purchasing various kinds of combat troops to act as reinforcements for the units already positioned on the battlefield.  Creating AI and AI pathfinding in a turnbased gamemaker game was a challenging task only mildly succeeded at.