Other Work

Pen and Paper and Physical Prototypes:

Card Fighting Game:  Programmers Vs Artists
Programmers Vs Artists Cards
RPG: Dying Days    (formatting may be off depending on if you view in Word or Open Office)
Shooter: Zephyr's Wild Ride
Brawler: The Adventures of Zephyr

3D Modeling : Various screens of some 3D modeling I've done in 3DSMax.  All textures are free textures found from various internet sites.

Here's the final video rendering of my castle scene from CG125.  The flags, carts, and textures are not my doing.  I'm sure all the actual artists will giggle at this, but I'll show it anyway.  Ran out of time on it and didn't have a chance to really populate the terrain or add detail, but here yah go.

My first foray into 3D modeling, I give you the Moon Hummer!

Castle WIP

Medieval Bar/Tavern