Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Neighborhood Necromancer

Neighborhood Necromancer - RPG


Neighborhood Necromancer is an action rpg experience influenced heavily by the necromancer from diablo 2.  The game creates character progression in a few different ways.  Exploring and collecting power skulls and mana potions from the map levels will increase the number of skeletons you can summon and the amount of maximum mana you have respectively.  Leveling up will grant you 2 skill points which can be spent on upgrades from the menu screen.  Generally speaking I created two upgrade groups, one group enhanced the main characters various abilities and stats, while the second group focused on enhancing the stats of your skeleton minions.  Using your horde of skeletons the player must battle his way past all manner of goody two shoes knights, archers, wizards, and rogues in order to win the game.

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